MS and aspartame/nutrasweet

Everyone drinks diet pop and the Monsanto company which makes the sweetener in diet pop assures us it's safe even though they admit that there are small amounts of a neurotoxin (wood alcohol) in it and also small amounts of formaldehyde.

Betty Martini who runs the site, about aspartame, insists that ALL cases of MS are caused by aspartame consumption (or nutrasweet).

And calls all complaints against aspartame a "hoax" citing Betty's position which some consider a bit extreme.

So where does the truth lie?

I got a rude awakening when one of the gals who regularly logged on my electronic bulletin board whom I knew had MS and who was dependent on a wheelchair, told me that her doctor said her MS might be caused by the diet pop she drank. Sure enough, a year later, after quitting diet pop, she was back on her feet again with no apparent symptoms.  This was in 1982 just after aspartame got approved and long before Betty Martini.

Kind of gave me pause for thought.

I never thought anything which had ANY formaldehyde in it could be "safe" just like I wouldn't consume arsenic, even in small amounts so I never consumed aspartame and took the occasion of it appearing in most diet pops, to give up pop drinking, a decision I have never regretted.

A few years later, in the mid nineties, I worked with a brilliant computer scientist who was in fantastic shape and yet got peripheral neuropathy.  (Kind of a creeping partial paralysis of the extremities).  After doing the trip with chiropractors and GPs and it only getting worse, he visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to get a diagnosis.  Although the clinic can diagnose most anything, they sent him home with no answer. He simply had no risk factors for peripheral neuropathy and yet was progressively getting worse.

I remembered about aspartame and the case of apparent MS which got cured by giving up the stuff.  I researched the web and found some 10,000 complaints against aspartame filed with the FDA, many of which were... you guessed it, peripheral neuropathy.  I delivered the file to my supervisor and that convinced him to give up diet pop.  He immediately stopped getting worse and slowly got better over a five year period.

Confusing, isn't it?  But as usual, prudence is the best course.  No one needs fake sugar OR diet pop and since even small amounts of formaldehyde just can't, BY DEFINITION, be good, wouldn't the best course of action be to avoid aspartame or nutrasweet? Especially for those with MS.  Even IF your MS is not 'caused' by the nutrasweet, it would probably improve your prognosis greatly to not consume it. 

And while you are at it, avoid alcoholic beverages (deplete the body of vitamins), cigarettes (challenge the immune system among numerous other side effects) and of course party drugs.

Finally, what they often don't tell you is about supplementing vitamin B12. In our Fast Food generation and the fact that some of us are on medications which compromise the digestion of B12, most of us, especially those of us over 40, need to supplement it.  Unless you're a gastric bypass patient, you can easily take the B12 pills. (GB Patients are probably best off taking the shots).

And "ax the aspartame"... your body will thank you!



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