When you are 70 years old, like we are, Hybikes e-bikes are a great way to go! :)

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Erectile dysfunction and bikes

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The Recumbent Experience!  

Dr Larry Preble: "Recumbents are the most healthy form of cycling!"

Watch a video of Hybike electric bicycles!  Fun!)


Dr Louis Maharam (fitness advisor to the astronauts and fellow with the American College of Sports Medicine!) on upright biking:

"Some men [cyclists] have had erectile dysfunction...Some women get numbness and complain of orgasmic dysfunction as well ... Usually these things are not permanent, and just by changing the seat it gets better." (in other words, get a recumbent and you'll get better!)

The Lancet study on 45 mountain bikers showed that 43 of them had scrotal damage!

Dr. Ferdinand Frauscher, a urology-radiology specialist at University
Hospital in Innsbruck, Austria, said he studied about 55 avid mountain bikers and found nearly 90 percent had low sperm counts and scrotal abnormalities (12-02-02)

Recumbent videos - Vanguard and BikeE promotional clip




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Photos and personal experience

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