BikeE great recumbents

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These nice touring recumbents were made in Corvalis, Oregon and were the first recumbent experience many of us had.  Unfortunately, the Corvalis company succumbed to lawsuits (which were still going on in 2004, a couple of years after they closed the doors) and the founders of the company founded another company called "BigHa" which used to sell a very expensive recumbent, then moved to lasers but now appears to be out of business also.  Paul Atwood who invented BikeE appears to still reside in Corvalis, OR.  Below are some of the models - in memoriam of a really great recumbent (you can still purchase BikeEs on eBay etc.

My first bikeE, the BikeE AT - air suspension - nice!

My BikeE RX - dual suspension - rides like a Cadillac!

The BikeE Tandem

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