Recumbent Dealers in Arizona who ship


Sun Cyclery:  5833 N 7th St Phoenix, AZ (602) 279-1905 : A full service bike shop with several employees - has a nice selection of recumbent bikes including EZ-1, Ez Sport, Burley, Rotator, cattrikes, Lightning, Rans, Cycle King and more.  Sun now is stocking the Tour Easy recumbents.  This is a nice friendly shop, with good service.  The owners both ride recumbents and are always there to help out.  Sun also carries comfort bikes and custom bikes - fun place to visit!

Recumbent Central: 505 W Dunlap, Phoenix AZ. (602) 230-2393 Shop specializes in recumbents, carrying Tour Easy, Burley, Vision, Greenspeed (must order), Bachetta, Halusak, hpvelotechnik, Hase, Rans.  Not all brands in stock at any given time. Usually can get parts there but again, may vary in choice etc.  Hours are usually listed on the website and can vary depending on the season (especially in August). This is a single man owned shop i.e. owner sells, repairs etc  - check website for current hours and call before you drive out there to make sure he's there. 


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