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The following books are well documented and cited and very informative.  The information on this website was based partially on the information in these books below:


Gertz, Bill: Betrayal  Foreign Affairs - Book Review - Betrayal: How the Clinton Administration Undermined American Security - Bill Gertz
Shippers, David: Sellout The Inside story of President Clinton's Impeachment
Limbaugh, David: Absolute Power makes a case for the probability that Clinton misused the power of the presidency for his own gain

Child labor

Holland, Ruth: Mill Child The fight against child labor was very similar to the fight going on today by the pro life movement. Margaret Sanger interestingly enough, had an organization called "Society for the protection of Children" which was IN FAVOR of keeping children working in the sweat shops.
Hunt, Irene: The Lottery Rose

Kennedy family

Bradford, Sarah: America's Queen - life of Jackie O - this approved biography gave many facts about the Kennedys which were previous unknown to the public, Jack's sexual forays, Jack's physical problems, the use of cocaine by both Jack and Jackie in the White House and more.

McGinnis, Joe: Last Brother,  the information given in this book very much agreed with the "pro Jackie" book by Bradford

World War I

Christopher Clark: The Sleepwalkers - this well written, impressively researched book is a must read for all people, I feel. NY Times review


Roosevelt, James: My Parents: A Differing View - James hints about FDR
knowing about the Pearl Harbor attack

Stinnett, Robert B: Day of Deceit - This author spent 15 years researching
newly released govt documents for writing this book - the book details how FDR and his top advisors orchestrated the attack on Pearl Harbor so the United States could get into the war against Germany (Japan was an ally of Germany) more...

Al Gore

Turque, Bill: Reinventing Al Gore - this is an authorized by Gore book - one
interesting thing is Gore wanted Clinton to go to war against Iraq so
electing Gore would NOT have prevented the war at all.

Sammon, Bill: AT ANY COST - how Al Gore tried to steal the election - this
is written by a Republican so an obvious bias however, most of what he
claims can be documented from news sources.

John Kerry

O'Neill, John: UNFIT FOR COMMAND, NY, 2003 - Documented history of Kerry's actual service record with interviews of over 200 vets who served with him.

Kerry, John: CALL TO SERVICE, NY, 2003 - John Kerry details his views and his plans for economics, war etc.  Quite different from what the TV media states (for example, he does NOT agree with Michael Moore's NO WAR position, felt that taking out Saddam was of great benefit and favors large corporations in his health care and economic relief plans).


Berman, Larry: NO PEACE, NO HONOR Details how Watergate was actually the CIA trying to find out what secret arrangements McGovern had been making with the Vietcong in exchange for helping him get elected (of course it wasn't about campaign schedules).  More...

Media bias:

Coulter, Ann: SLANDER - while this writer-attorney has an obvious conservative bias, she also documents a lot of her facts and agrees with the liberal Bernard Goldberg about the liberal bias of the media

Goldberg, Bernard: BIAS - This writer worked for CBS news for over 25 years. He is a middle of the road Democrat but details many instances where the liberal bias of the media has misrepresented the conservative point of view to try and sway the public.  Excerpts from interview with Goldberg

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