Medicare and the Prescription drug card

 If you listened to the news, the Medicare card from the Bush administration, was worthless. 

As it turned out, when we went on Medicare, we found out, the medication plans work well, if you set it up right.  Setting it up right involves getting a "Medigap" plan (we do AARP which is one of the more expensive plans but pays everything that Medicare doesn't pay) and a prescription drug plan - we use Cigna MedicareRX which has worked well for us.  As it turns out, even medications not directly covered in the plan, are greatly discounted.

Many people are into a replacement plan for Medicare and many insurance companies offer them - they advertise 0.00 bucks per month but if you get sick or have a hospitalization, then you pay.  They pay 80% of the bills but have a ceiling on what the patients can be charged ($2K).

Medicare doesn't have a ceiling meaning if you don't set it up right, you could be stuck for 20% of the bill - it also pays 80% but that's where you have to obtain a good strong Medigap plan (like AARP) to cover the so-called "donut hole".  Ours pays everything but costs us over $300 a month for the 2 of us.  However, since my husband has been hospitalized several times and has multiple medical issues, and our plan has paid it all, it has been worth it to us.

Took me a year to figure it out and set us up but I'm glad I took that time.

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