Michael Moore lied in his movies, investigations suggest

The 9/11 "conspiracy" theories started with Michael Moore's film, "Fahrenheit 9/11" which claimed that the Republicans and the Bush admin were the REAL enemy and there was no terrorist threat and Sadam Hussein was a good guy who didn't REALLY gas whole villages in Iraq. 
In 2007, a documentary made by Canadians who started out to make a friendly film about Michael Moore and in their research, found Moore had told BIG LIES in all his movies, caused many to question Moore's claims.  And since these Canadian filmmakers are very far left and were fans of Moore, their movie is being taken seriously by the liberal press whereas a film out of the right side would be dismissed as biased.  No one likes to be played for a fool as Moore apparently did with the American public, even if they are on the same side politically as is Moore.
>>>>The most interesting part of the premiere of the querulous documentary, "Manufacturing Dissent," from Toronto-based filmmakers Rick Caine and Debbie Melnyk, was the unusually aggressive Q&A that followed the screening. As heralded in the New York Times in late February, the good-natured Canadians were admirers of their subject, Michael Moore, when they chose him to be the topic of their fourth film, but found him to both be an intractable subject and one with troubling inconsistencies in his public persona and outright falsehoods in his work. <<<<
In 2008, the National Geographics channel aired a video of THEIR investigations of life in Iraq with Saddam Hussein. The video included clips of people being thrown off buildings and other crimes against humanity committed by Saddam. Apparently Saddam had these videos taken and showed them on IraqTV to terrorize and frighten his people. Again, Moore's claims had been totally disproven by a reliable source!

I have known for a couple of years that Moore lies in his films.  For example in a much better film than the 9/11 film, "Bowling for Columbine" (which actually brought forth some excellent theories WHY Americans are so violent), Moore started the film with a lie - no bank ever gave away a gun for starting an account- that scene was totally staged.  In "Roger and Me", Moore claimed to be from Flint, Michigan but in fact, never even VISITED there before he made the film.

Michael Moore in fact, has never claimed that he is either making a documentary OR telling the truth and when these Canadians tried to interview him at length, he was more unavailable than Roger Smith was in "Roger and me" (actually Moore GOT an interview with Roger but that footage never made into the movie because it would have destroyed the whole premise of "Roger and me" i.e. that no one could get to talk to the head of General Motors.).
Moore is in all ways, a showman and an entertainer.  What is sad is that the American people took him seriously and his 9/11 film spawned a whole group of people distrusting the govt and questioning 9/11 and pointing fingers at Bush.
I guess the American people did not learn after the 64,000 question incident wherein the contestants were given the answers (see the movie "QUIZ SHOW") and CBS TV stated at the Congressional hearing "well, the people were entertained, the contestants won money and products were sold... so no one lost."  No one lost except the American public who were played for fools then, by CBS TV, and now, again by Michael Moore....

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