Excerpts from David Shippers' book, SELLOUT

David Shippers is a Democrat who was an investigator on the Impeachment of President Clinton case.  He details how Democrats and Republicans alike decided to put the president (who had at that time, committed perjury), above the law in his book SELLOUT.   Today Clinton remains respected and admired, the public apparently forgetting how he made a mockery of our judicial system.

pp62 - One day I was told that a Democratic Congressman went into the Democrats' private room with Minority Special Counsel Abbe Lowell. At one point the Congressman blurted out: "My God, this is indefensible. The man is a perjurer, a liar, he's obstructing justice. How can we defend him?" That Democratic Congressman, like all the rest, voted against impeachment.

pp97 -- But my fellow Democrats voted unanimously to put the President above the law.

They affirmed that a Democratic president can get away with lying, obstructing justice, and doing anything necessary to stay in office, even if it means destroying the legal underpinning of our political system.

They treated the legal rights of a private citizen -- Paula Jones -- as a trifle to be brushed aside.

They treated Lady Justice as though she were a harlot.

And they should be held accountable where it hurts -- at the ballot box -- by Americans who believe that truth matters, that we live by the rule of law, and that justice should be done.


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