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(Last Updated: 04/25/2016) 

Brain studies using MRI and new tools suggest that when a person plays music, they use and develop several areas of the brain which then, help in other pursuits! (Timothy Verstynen and Bradley Voytech, neuroscientists)

Music Lessons better develop your child's brain and coordination!  From Fox News

Sue's Youtube channel (lots of violining and fiddling there!)

Maxim Vengerov - update on injury and current concertizing (Jan 22, 2013)

New Study shows: Studying music can boost your child's IQ! (July 27)

Violinists sue for more pay because they play more notes! (Mar 23)

St Clement Laudate choir (and Sue!) tour successful! (Aug 13)

Music can strengthen your immune system. Research Study from Irvine, CA.

According to a research study in 2001, playing music can actually lower blood pressure (thus make you healthier). Another reason to dust off that violin! :)


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Sue rehearsing for a gig 2008

Concertmistress - gig - 2001

Sue is available for solo work, both violin and fiddle, for parties, weddings and funerals, also for orchestral work (section violin or principle or concertmaster). Hit the contact us form to ask where I'm playing now!

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