Louisville Chiropractor recommends recumbents as the healthiest type of cycling

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When Chiropractor Dr. Larry Preble of Oldham County, sees cyclists with physical complaints like "lower-back pain, numbness in the hands and tingling in the fingers, sciatica or impotence caused by putting too much pressure on the groin", he might be likely to recommend a unique solution.  He tells his patients to get a recumbent bicycle!

That's because he feels that:

"Even with proper physical conditioning, an excellent-fitting bike and the use of good riding techniques, some adults suffer pain from cycling in the bent-over, aerodynamic position of a road cyclist."

Dr Larry, featured in an article in the Courier-Journal (LouisVille, KY) told reporters he switched to a recumbent "out of curiosity" in 1999 but his wife, Margaret, also switched because a regular bike was causing numbness in her hands, something which she never feels on a 'bent!

J. Michael Kennedy, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, recently used a heart-rate monitor and compared riding a recumbent with regular cycling. Kennedy found that not only did he burn MORE calories on a recumbent but he stayed in the aerobic ('fat burning' zone) for longer.  PAIN does not burn calories - with a recumbent the old adage "no pain, no gain" is not true.  It's all fun and lots of gain in enjoyment and quality of life while possibly a loss in the weight department.  Does it get any better?

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