MS Society Magazine objects to Kevorkian 'helping' so many MS patients!

by Sue Widemark

In an article in the latest "Inside MS"  the MS society mildly objected to the fact that so many of Kevorkian's victims were people with Multiple Sclerosis.  "Inside MS" is the Society's quarterly magazine for MS patients and friends and family of MSers. The article stated that MSers had a high suicide risk and that this might be from untreated depression.

A 1993 study, revealed the article, found that 2/3 of the people who had attempted suicide had not been prescribed antidepressant medication.

The article concluded:

"Many people who say they want to hasten death really want help with living.  No matter what your position on the ethics of suicide, the idea that people might choose to die when they have a treatable condition like depression or just because they can't afford health care is just unacceptable."



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