Ten reasons why a Catholic Woman would NOT want to take the Birth Control Pill!

10. It raises your chances for breast cancer bigtime - over 50 percent.

9. If you smoke, that makes the chances for breast cancer even greater.

8. The estrogen in birth control pills can make you gain weight.

7. Taking the pill can disturb your fertility and make it more difficult to have a baby when you decide to try to conceive.

6. The pill is expensive. (Natural Family Planning is free)

5. The pill can increase your chances of getting a blood clot.

4. The pill can increase your chances of getting a heart attack (40 percent).

3. It's easy to forget when to take the pill and when to not take the pill.

2. You might have to buy it from a sleeze outfit like Planned Parenthood.

And finally, last but certainly not least:

1. Catholic women taking the pill risk ex-communication. This is because at least 25 percent of the time, the pill works by causing an embryo to not attach to the uterine i.e. abortion and any Catholic woman who has an abortion is AUTOMATICALLY excommunicated. If you are taking the pill, you are walking the fine line precariously.

Ten reasons why a Catholic woman would want to use Natural Family Planning to plan pregnancies:

10. It's cheap (that is - free!)

9. No pills to take.

8. No danger of heart attack.

7. No danger of blood clots.

6. Having a baby is a decision of you, your husband and God.

5. If God overrides your decision, you can bet He's got a special kid for you who might have been aborted if you were on the pill.

4. Natural Family Planning is as effective in preventing pregnancy as the Pill according to Johns Hopkins Institute.

3. Except for a short 5-7 days a month when you abstain from sex, it feels like you are totally free - no pills, no messy creams or uncomfortable devices.

2. Natural Family Planning is so easy to do you can learn it in minutes.

And last but not least:

1. The Catholic church approves of Natural Family Planning so you're not only 'right' with your body but right with God as well.

Article by Sue Widemark


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