Recumbent Cycling - how it feels!

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You are pedaling down a quiet country road. The wind gently blows in your face as you slice through the wind with your aerodynamic recumbent bicycle. Your eyes have a direct 180 stereo surround sound view of the scenery - instead of the front wheel. Your body feels good - no pain. Your arms and wrists are totally relaxed - as they do not support your weight on a recumbent. Your neck and shoulders are relaxed - because you are looking straight ahead. Your bike seat offers full ergonomic back support - and total comfort. Your hind quarter wonders what kind of a seat this is and why there isn't pain, chafing and numbness. Could this be real? Could it really be bicycling?

The recumbent experience is totally unique in the bicycle world. There are racers, in streamliners, tourists riding across the country, average folks riding for fun or fitness and club rides and somebody's mom getting back on a bike after 20 years. The one thing they all have in common is comfort.

You know that you have hit upon something great when you can ride 25 or 125 miles and be comfortable the entire ride - seated on your hi-tech recumbent bicycle. Bicycle industry designers continue trying to reinvent the upright bicycle - with limited success. Recumbent designers may have different ideas on geometry, style, look and performance - but most know what the bottom-line is COMFORT!

No matter what your age, gender or situation in life is, you will enjoy riding a recumbent bicycle!  (Caution, they are addictive!) :)

Article originally published on Recumbent Cycling News.