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Gerry and Sue ride the freeway on TRIKKE-8's!!!


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Trikkes, Kicking Bicycles and Scooters!

Stand-up human powered vehicles!

updated: 03-05-2012

Jim Delzer In 2001, Jim became the first person to kick across the USA - read what he is planning in 2005!

short movie of Sue riding Trikke ( requires  Quicktime plugin)

The most important reasons to get a kicking bike, Trikke or scooter

  • It's a whole lot of fun!

  • Life is too short to not get one!

  • It's a great way of getting out to get some exercise

  • Did I mention it was fun? :)

  • If Running hurts your knees, this is more fun and doesn't hurt your knees! :)


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