Laudate choir of St Clement's (director, Paul Yoder, violinist: Sue Widemark) visit San Diego

July 19-21, 2002,  the Laudate choir of St Clement's Catholic church went on tour in San Diego.  We sang/Sue fiddled, in the Basilica (the first mission founded by Fr Junipero Sera) and also in a beautiful Community, Sacred Heart Church in Coronado Island. We were well received and members of each parish community made us feel so welcome!  We all want to come back to visit! (Actually, we didn't want to LEAVE!)  :)

Members of the choir managed to get in a Diamondbacks-Padres game (the Diamondbacks won, of course!) and a cruise.  As for Sue and husband, Gerry, we enjoyed the fabulous bicycle riding in the beautiful San Diego area.

Sacred Heart Church - Coronado Island Gerry and I enjoyed touring Coronado Island on this tandem trike
Mission San Diego, now the Basilica Riding on Mission Beach, the laid back way!


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