Singer and Sanger

Ever notice the simularity in the names of Margaret SANGER and Peter SINGER. We all know who Margaret is, of course, the infamous founder of Planned Parenthood whose views would make Hitler proud.

Singer is another story. Peter Singer is a college professor who has been nicknamed Professor Death by the news services (amazing in itself since the news services are usually so pro-death). He's a 'johnny come lately', only entering into the news the last few years or so.  He's rapidly gaining notice however, as an increasing number of people seem to feel that his views that babies don't have the right to life for two years after birth are amazingly similar to the Great Adoph, only the more ironic since Singer had relatives who were killed in the holocaust!

Singer loudly states his views for anyone who will listen... this lack of protection against murder for two years after birth is, he feels, a convenience for parents who can 'off' their kids if they are not the right color or shape or size.

Prof Singer can not understand why folks compare him to Hitler whose regime of terror was responsible for the deaths of his grandfather and other family members.

"It's just absurd," he told the New Science magazine, in a recent interview, explaining that those who labeled him a Nazi were "pretty offensive" and were trivializing the enormity of Nazi crimes.

Singer is currently employed at Princeton, one of the ivy league schools. He calls his attack on the sanctity of human life, his "challenge" to traditional ethics and even wrote a book on the subject.

His audience thinks his challenge is a bit barbaric, even for our society of death. On his first day at Princeton, 250 wheelchair users chained themselves to the administration building - they held signs with sayings like "NOT DEAD YET".

Singer has also complained that he's had to take security moves and has received a lot of hate mail.

I would refer him to the somewhat mentally derranged abortionist in Phoenix for help in protection. Dr Finkel carries an arsenal on his person due to his fear of injury when going to work at his clinic (so far the only injury he has received is a hurt thumb while going through a revolving door but then, one never knows what the evil prolifers will think of next). :)

You can read about Dr Finkel at the following link, by the way:

Anatomy of an abortionist


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