Synthetic (medicine) estrogen was put on the FDA list of class 4 carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) in 2005!

*** The FDA now requires a warning on the package of synthetic estrogen / progestin used in birth control and HRT. This warning alerts consumers to the significantly increased risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke in using this medication.  Brand names are depo, provera, premarin and more.  This is a result of the HERS study, a double blind study which was halted two years in because of the high incidence of cancer, heart attack and stroke in those given the medication and the Women's Initiative Study.  There are natural alternatives to HRT which are both safe and effective. The one I use is "Progesta care" (natural progesterone cream).   See (Lee, John, MD: WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT HAVE TOLD YOU ABOUT MENOPAUSE)
The safe alternative to estrogen/progestin birth control is Natural Family Planning (Billings Ovulation).

Billings Ovulation Method (Natural Family Planning)

*** Statin drugs being tested as immuno suppressants:

The MS society is financing a study which is testing the cholesterol lowering drug, Zocor as an immuno suppressant (a drug which suppresses the immune system).  This is because the statin drugs have been observed in the laboratory to shut down various immune responses. While this might be handy for auto immune disorders, and organ transplant rejection, it also greatly raises the risk of disease like cancer and bacterial diseases in the otherwise healthy person.  Zocor crashed my husband's immune system - he was sick constantly for almost 3 months - this in a man who had previously logged no sick days from work in 15 years.  In March 1998, he got shingles which is often seen in immune suppressed individuals. Against our medical provider's advice, I suggested he cease taking the drug. Within 2 weeks he was well and has not been ill since. Here's the article which appeared in "MS Connections, Fall 2002" - contact MS society for reprints: 

"Oral drugs used to lower cholesterol, called statins, were shown in test tubes to INHIBIT IMMUNE RESPONSES of cells taken from individuals with MS. This study was previously reported by Dr Oliver Newhaus (Karl-Franzens-University at Graz, Austria) and colleagues at the April 2002 meeting of the American academy of Neurology, and now has been published in the October 8, 2002 issue of Neurology."

"Although statins were shown capable of INHIBITING SEVERAL DIFFERENT IMMUNE RESPONSES and markers of inflammations typically involved in MS, THEY ALSO STIMULATED THE RELEASE OF SOME PROTEINS KNOWN TO **INCREASE** inflammation."

"Clinical trials will be necessary to determine whether statin drugs may benefit individuals with MS. There is already one small-scale trial of ZOCOR under way in 32 people who have relapsing-remitting MS. This trial is taking place at the Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston), in Yale University (New Haven, CT) and at the U of Colorado Health Sciences Center (Denver). Other studies are under consideration at this time."