People on Anti Depressants have less heart attacks - NOT!

A study (I saw it mentioned in "SELF MAGAZINE"), I believe at one of the universities found that people on anti depressants had a significantly lower percentage of heart attacks than those not on anti depressants.  The study was financed by the manufacturer of Zoloft, using their product the time it was thought that the benefits of the reduction of stress which may happen with an antidepressant far outweighed any side effects of the drug. 

However, recent studies have found that the SSRI antidepressant medications including Zoloft increase the risk of heart attack and at present there are some class action lawsuits going against the pharmaceutical companies producing these drugs.  In "PROZAC BACKLASH", Dr Joseph Glenmullen, MD pointed out that the SSRI medications also upset brain chemicals by causing a flood of serotonin which cause the body to overproduce dopamine raising the risk for Parkinson's Disease. Remember, we are not depressed due to a lack of Zoloft or other SSRI medications!

In short epidemiological studies, they found that those who drink one glass of an alcoholic beverage each day have a lower rate of heart attack.  However, alcohol is destructive to the liver (each drink you take will kill liver cells) but  again, it might have been thought that the reduction of stress outweighs all risks of the alcohol.

That being said, liver failure has increased significantly in 20th and 21th century.

Stress is one of the primary risks of heart attack. It's also one of the least mentioned like, "oh, by the way, reduce your stress".  That's because no one has figured out how to make lots of bucks out of it. :)