Wink's Saturday recumbent ride

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I did my bike ride today. Just leisure pace and talking to people along the way. I rode with a man who didn't think much of my recumbent until we had been about ten miles and he was
standing up on the peddles (sore butt). I just got that grin riding along sipping a cooler. Then this really good looking girl stopped me asking about the bike. About the same age as the guy I was riding with. He was about to drool on himself and she did not even look at him. Of course she was interested in the bike as she could be my granddaughter. But if he had been riding it, he would have had an open door to flirt. I few rode by and waved and gave a thumbs up as we rode along. I think by the time we parted ways he got the idea of why the old man rides a funny looking bike. I wonder if he is at home looking up recumbent bikes tonight. And rubbing skin cream on his butt. Then a lady lady school teacher stopped me and asked all kinds of questions about the bike. But I think the Revive would suite her better as she has back trouble and told me that she and gears as in derailleur, do not get along. She gave me her number and I gave her, mine and told her to come by and have a better look at both. So she headed home to talk to hubby. She said she had seen me tooling along in the past but was never where she could stop me.
So it was a really fun ride. Most of the time I do not ride on Saturdays but I may start.
                                                by  WinkyB 

Note: WinkyB (pictured above) is a 69 years young bicycle rider who got into recumbency last year. He also rides a trikke cambering scooter.  In his spare time, he plays in a band.