Zocor and Lipitor caused cancer in the rat studies


In today's world of American lifestyle, the drugs prescribed most often are the statin (Zocor and Lipitor) drugs.  Touted by some as wonder drugs, these drugs undermine the liver cells to force the body to make less cholesterol.  Statins are really a way of making the blood levels of cholesterol 'look good' - they don't fix anything like the CAUSE of high cholesterol, in fact, they are a strain on the liver.

The rationale for prescribing these drugs is that in the pharmaceutical studies, they found that in taking the statin drugs, participants had a 25 percent less chance of having a heart attack.  The motivation for many medical providers prescribing those drugs may come from the pharmaceutical companies which reward for prescribing certain drugs.

I'm not sure we can necessarily believe the pharmaceutical studies which have admitted that "losing" bad results was something commonly done in the industry.

My husband has a very strong immune system but when he started taking Zocor, he caught a cold which turned into strep throat and finally shingles. Nothing seemed to get him well which was unusual (he was sick for several months) since this man is sick so seldom, he had only taken 1 or 2 sick days from work in 15 years.  I asked various people about the Zocor and was assured that it couldn't be the cause!  But in looking into the action of Zocor, I found that the cells of the liver that it affected were very close to those cells involved in the immune system.  Also, logic pointed to the Zocor since that  was the only thing he had added to his life shortly before he got sick.  So, against the advice of all the medical professionals I'd consulted,  I  suggested he dump the Zocor. He was well within 2 weeks of ceasing the medication and hasn't been sick since.  I've heard of another person or two getting this type of reaction but most people seem to be able to take the medication without such dramatic side effects.

Recently I stumbled across the fact that the statin drugs may raise the risk of cancer.  In doing some research, I discovered that in the rat studies, all statin drugs had CAUSED cancer in the rats, even when close to human doses were given:

All members of the two most popular classes of lipid-lowering drugs (the fibrates and the statins) cause cancer in rodents, in some cases at levels of animal exposure close to those prescribed to humans.

JAMA 1996 Jan 3;275(1):55-60

I cannot help but question why these drugs were even approved in the first place.  Also, one wonders how much of the high incidence of cancer we see today, is CAUSED by taking the statin drugs?  Statins are the most often prescribed drug to date.  Scary to think of. 

There are much better ways of cutting your chances of heart attack AND cancer - for one, daily aerobic exercise - the only side effect of exercise is increased health.  I can handle that! :)


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